I'm sure there is a kind of "cat and mouse" game involved in blocking spam, with countermeasures followed by new attack methods that require new countermeasures, and so on, ad infinitum.

But WP never seems to get beyond the first level; the attacks seem to take the same form every single time...

It’s a dilemma that’s more common than you think when online dating turns into an offline relationship.

The funny thing about being in a relationship when you’ve been single for so long is that you go into it having all these preconceived ideas on how you would react to certain dating situations, and you prejudge your future relationships based on your past ones.

These robot messages from the swami astrologer just seem to get more and more prolific.

And its already 930 AM Eastern standard time, and the messages are still here! _________________Diagnosed in 2015 with ASD by the University of Utah Health Care Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinic using the ADOS-2 Module 4 assessment instrument [11/30] -- Screened in 2014 with ASD by using the University of Cambridge Autism Research Centre AQ (Adult) [43/50]; EQ-60 for adults [11/80]; FQ [43/135]; SQ (Adult) [130/150] self-reported screening inventories -- Assessed since 1978 with an estimated IQ [≈145] by several clinicians -- Contact me on Wrong by private message (PM)I have joined forums where a new user has to wait until a moderator approves them, before they can post at all.

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In the meanwhile, you might still get those email alerts when a new match has arrived.

Most of the time, you ignore them because you’ve been seeing this new romantic interest pretty regularly.

I want to find women that will date, not just post a profile and wait for the waters to part and the bush to burn so their prince-charming will suddenly appear, but someone that can meet for coffee or a drink with an open mind about what might happen.