Although the reason for Zac and Vanessa’s mutual departure has not been revealed, a source tells Zac is now experiencing remorse, it seems.

I thought Vanessa and I could be friends but josh had other intentions.

He wanted to exploit Chris for money and would do this by going through Vanessa.

She made her debut in 2003 appearing in the Hollywood films "Thirteen" and "Thunderbirds", before reaching fame in 2006 after appearing as Gabriella Montez in the Disney Channel film "High School Musical" hit series.

Hudgens began a music career and released her debut album, V, in 2006.

From T-Swift and Calvin to Demi and Wilmer, lately there has been no shortage of celeb couples who give us all #Relationship Goals.

However, we recently came across yet another famous couple, Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler…

A romantic reunion of Zac and Vanessa would surely please millions of fans, but a later It is surprising, then, that the breakup the two went through in 2010 was supposedly mutual and animosity-free.

Shippers of the Efron-Hudgens coupling (lingo for “fans of the relationship”) have remained all over the internet since the split, especially because no real reason has ever been given for the cataclysmic schism.

Again, the internet is generally in favor of Efron and Hudgens rekindling their once-bright romance, and a large social media showing is turning out in favor of Zac’s stance on the matter.

Vanessa Hudgens (born )Vanessa Hudgens is an American singer and actress.

Her sophomore album, Identified, was released July 1st, 2008.