Pic: Director Jason Bergh has said the film happened by a “beautiful, perfectly-timed accident,” in that it was supposed to be a short promo for Sal’s new album.He says it grew to become the most important project he’s ever worked on – the story of a father exiled from his country, and a son exiled from his father.

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Masekela left America – and Sal – to return to South Africa, where he would continue to play an important role in the struggle for freedom.

39 years later, the two confront the implications of the time apart that separated them, and the music that helped bring them back together.

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Sal Masekela will host the show while Paula Radcliffe, Craig Masback and Kevin Hart will provide commentary.Since 1954, Masekela has played music that closely reflected the agony, conflict, and exploitation South Africa faced.He is an artist whose music vividly portrayed the struggles and sorrows, as well as the joys and passions of his country. in Monza, Italy, Eliud Kipchoge, Lelisa Desisa and Zersenay Tadese will attempt to break the two-hour marathon barrier.Though the event is closed to the public, anyone with Internet access can experience the excitement by tuning into Nike’s live stream of the attempt. Live Breaking2 coverage will begin about 15 minutes before race start.This episode we have Cross Fit Games Coach/Masters Athlete Dusty Hyland back!