Counties with more than 5000 slaves were: Albemarle, Amherst, Brunswick, Chesterfield, Dinwiddie, Essex, Fauquier, Gloucester, Halifax, Henrico, King and Queen, King William, Norfolk, Southampton, Spotsylvania, and Sussex.

I have friends who met their soul mate on their first online date. The upside: I learned a LOT about online dating, and collected some of great stories.

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In 2001 a second film was released staring Gregory Harrison, Heidi Lenhart, Jake Dinwiddie, Katie Volding, and in 2007 the series was completed with Au Pair 3: Adventure in Paradise.

Gracious thanks and huge appreciations to the following "Executive Producers," without whose financial (not to mention emotional and spiritual) support this album never would have come to life: ---------------------------------------- “Coffee Date” Executive Producers ---------------------------------------- Ken & Sue Dinwiddie Christopher Dougherty Kenneth Luey Jonathan Powers Corinth Stocking Carol Walls ------------------------------------- Web & Print Executive Producers ------------------------------------- Brien Anderson Barbara Bostwick Armelle Delaney Esther “Pele” Heller Steven Hibshman Barbara Holbrook Bill Jansen Ron Karr Kathryn Klibanoff & Jeremy Edes Pierotti Troy Pummill Lucy Reckseit Joellen Werne & John Smolowe Larry & Mary Ann Wight Peter Wright ----------------------------- Web Executive Producers ----------------------------- Anonymous Walter Bankovitch Joyce Beattie Jethro Busch Julie Capilli Meredith Fahn Sherrie Lovler Laurence & Katie Maller Ed & Nancy Mendelssohn Lucy Oxenhandler Robert Ranche Dainuri Rott Lee Smith Melissa Titonethe absurdities of modern life, Dinwiddie crafts songs evocative of the Great American Songbook but dealing with 21st Century themes.

It's like playing the slots in Vegas: most of the time you lose (But you keep trying for that jackpot!

) That's how it goes, you've got the Online Dating Blues!

If you’ve ever met someone online, I bet you’ll relate…Late one night you're all alone at your machine, suddenly a website appears on your screen (it's a dating site..

you know the kind) you think "What have I got to lose?To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here.This Wiki page describes research strategies, and major sources of information about African American families from Virginia.I had spent the previous two years watching my husband fight, with grace and heartbreaking optimism, a rare and aggressive form of esophageal cancer.When his cancer briefly disappeared, I rejoiced with him; when it reappeared, we despaired together." (.99 a month, it turns out) That's how it starts, you've got the Online Dating Blues So you type in your credit card to start shopping for men You check off what you're looking for: handsome, rich and thin. And honestly, if you had to choose (maybe being single isn't so bad after all) That's how it goes, you've got the Online Dating Blues (CHORUS): You check your mailbox in the morning, you stay up late at night.