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It used to be that men held the wallets and gave their credit card to their wife/girlfriend/mistress(es).

The users take part in the event, without having to meet in person at a venue, and play games, have an interesting conversation etc.

So if you are planning to throw a Kik party, you have to first think of the purpose of the party. Use your imagination and think a little about some popular themes of the party in real life.

Chinese girls like to go on Wechat to get a first impression of a brand or give feedback telling their friends how good the product was.

Example: Vogue A company’s Wechat official account allows a brand to stay close to its users and share content and latest news.

Social influence is an important research topic in the technology acceptance literature, in particular for social media.

Prior empirical studies have for the most part employed social influence theory to investigate user intentions to continue with social media, while culture driven theories have been neglected.

We Chat came in at number 10 on our Whats App alternatives list.

Back then, I was (and still am) slightly biased towards Whats App as I communicate through it with my friends and family communicate on a daily basis.

Researchers have made significant progress in identifying and predicting user acceptance in social media or mobile social-messaging applications.