Miller is a security researcher at Twitter who previously worked for the National Security Agency (NSA).Believe it or not, a hacker could be spying on you through your Mac Book Webcam right now. That's because it's possible for hackers or even the federal government to bypass the security feature in the i Sight camera, researchers at Johns Hopkins University say. The i Sight camera typically lights up green when it's on.

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Security researchers have confirmed that Mac Book webcams can spy on their users without the warning light being activated.

Apple computers have a “hardware interlock” between the camera and the light that is supposed to ensure the camera can't be activated without alerting the user by lighting a tell-tale LED above the screen.

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We build two proofs-of-concept: (1) an OS X application, i See You, which demonstrates capturing video with the LED disabled; and (2) a virtual machine escape that launches and runs shell commands.

To defend against these and related threats, we build an OS X kernel extension, i Sight Defender, which prohibits the modification of the i Sight’s firmware from user space.

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A reflection of Charlie Miller is pictured on his computer screen in his home-office in Wildwood, Missouri April 30, 2013.

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