To be so honoured is to be tasked with an epic quest, a journey that has been handed down in turn to the greatest heroes of the Chapter since the mysterious disappearance of their beloved Primarch, Vulkan.

vulcan anvil dating-51

When they tested it, they didn't get the 'ring' all over the plate they wanted.

- If you see numbers at the waist such as 1 1 20, it is a British made anvil.

After a couple of treatments of aircraft stripper and some Easy-Off oven cleaner I was able to get at the markings.

The telltale arm and hammer indicate it is a Vulcan anvil.

If the area under the heel is rough worked, it would likely be a Arm & Hammer.

No seam, then I would suspect a one-piece cast Swedish.

I’ve gotten some really good “side deals” on stuff that wasn’t going to make the trip.

I mentioned that I was looking for an anvil to the guys on the listserve, and this showed up in my mailbox.

Maybe its better i don't have one i would probably just break it or drop it on my toe. I also have my grandfathers anvil that he bought in 1935 at Montgomery wards... i have been looking for an anvil, i still dont have one yet!