At 24 years old, I guess you could say that I literally grew up with the band.

So, when they announced their Las Vegas residency, you better believe I jumped at the opportunity.

"I hope you're reliving your high school and teen years tonight," Brian Littrell told an auditorium full of Backstreet Boys fans at The Axis at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

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The Killers played that stage, then sold out Wembley Stadium a decade later.

In the meantime, the city became a launching pad for another platinum-selling rock band, Imagine Dragons.

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Now, we know what you're thinking and don't worry--you won't drop your drink.

At a leisurely one foot per second, you and your cocktails are safe and sound.

When you're ready to ride this unbelievable observation wheel, you'll cruise to the top of the 550-foot tall High Roller in a 40-person enclosed individual cabin.

As the tallest building of its kind, you'll see the whole strip as it rotates to the top.

I’m a big fan, and Imagine Dragons has a lot of respect for you guys as the torchbearers of the Las Vegas music scene. And the Junkyard was around—we had some of our first shows there. and a lot of the bands we used to do shows with are gone. Most of the bands were punk or metal, and we come in with this ... Nobody was doing that, so we stuck out like a sore thumb, for better or worse. We’ve been like that ever since, just at this frantic pace.