Dark Web, he can be found working to discern the 100 Best Android Apps. With the announcement of the new i Phones last week, we learned about some i OS 10 features that are unique to the i Phone 7 and i Phone 7 Plus.

Prior to PCMag, Max wrote for the International Digital Times, The International Science Times, and The Mary Sue. You can follow him on Twitter at @wmaxeddy."It seems like only yesterday that I was installing Apple's first over-the-air update to my i Phone 3GS (and accidentally bricking it in the process). Developers will now be able to harness the taptic engine, for example.

The i Phone Dev-Team released Red Sn0w v0.9.15b1 yesterday to support Jailbreaking the i OS 6 firmware tethered on A4 i OS devices, downgrading to unsupported firmwares and much more.

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Step 3) With Red Sn0w up and running you will need to simply click the Extras button, followed by the Even More button. Step 4) Now click the IPSW button and select your i Phone 4 or i Phone 3GS i OS 6 firmware file you downloaded in step 1.

Once you do this you will be prompt whether you want to prevent the baseband upgrade. Now yet another window will pop up alerting you that you will need to connect your i Phone 4 or i Phone 3GS to your computer via USB and put it into Pwned DFU mode. Step 5) Once you click the OK button you will be presented a screen with preparation instructions for entering Pwned DFU mode.

If you use one of these devices, you'll still be able to use your existing version of i OS.

Keep in mind, however, that your device may experience performance issues if you download apps from the App Store designed for i OS 9.

While it's not required, we recommend upgrading your device to i OS 9 if possible.

This will help keep your phone up to date and working with newer apps. If you don't upgrade to i OS 9, you may want to research how well an app will work on your device before downloading or updating it.

Get Permission If you're using a company-owned i OS device, your employer might not want you to update to the new operating system right away.

Be sure you have permission from the IT department before you update the system software.

Some people say it will restore it back after the update but why doesn't it say it anywhere on the message that pops up? In the event that contacts are lost on your i Phone, this means that something is seriously wrong either with your i Phone or computer.i Tunes will not delete contacts when updating your mobile device to the latest operating system.

Under normal circumstances with a properly synced i Phone updating the firmware will not lose any contacts.

The latest mobile operating system from Apple is available to consumers beginning Wednesday.