Hello Care, I have purchased a Moto g phone in USA locked on Verizon, I woud like to usein India, Please help me and guide me on the unlocking process and let meknow for any information from the phone. Now that the phone is activated it is telling me I must pay .00 for the first month. At around 2 PM EST, I had used this link to activate my i Phone 4 on prepaid, and the process appeared to have gone through all well, and the ESN shows it's linked to an account and the number is active, and it told me to dial *228 on my phone to finish it and program...

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So if you want a basic phone to replace your smart phone, maybe call their customer care number which should be 611 from your assurance phone. As far as we elderly, it seems no one cares anymore, if they ever did.

My city cares only for the millennials and Notre Dame...the street from me. I can barely get around, plus am blind in one eye & the other is not a lot better. I lost my eyesight in one eye this past year & now the other one seems to be fading.

Note: If you're upgrading from i Phone® to a non-Apple phone, you should turn off i Message® before activating your new phone.

Note: If you have already backed up your contacts and content, go to Step 2.

But what if you'd like to check in on the kids back home during your trip, or you need to find your travel companions while wandering around the Gothic quarter in Barcelona?

Or maybe you've met some nice locals who want to catch up with you later, but they need your number to text you?

Now, I saw 'Samsung Haven U320 Verizon CDMA Flip Phone with Slim Form Factor and Large 2.2" Display Screen - Black/Grey'... But I get this Please Read: If you change plans before your plan renewal date, you must make a payment to start your new... Numbers on card; Personal Information removed as required by the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service Message was edited by Verizon Moderatorgrl Drmr asked Verizon Wireless : Q: Can I activate a prepaid smartphone on my existing, in-contract, account?

I am getting a verizon phone that does not have a sim card. A: Prepaid phones can be activated onto a Postpay account once they've spent at least 6 months active on a Prepay account. I was curious as to if I could buy say a Motorola Droid X from Amazon to use on my 60 Dollar a month prepaid plan instead of the initial phone I bought? Upon a visit to a local Verizon store the individual...

You should either get a message to setup voicemail for the first time, or you can try hitting *, and see if you get a setup menu. Is there an upgrade that I can get on my Assurance Wireless phone?

It will ring, but the screen is black and you don't know who's calling. The only thing I like about Assurance Wireless is that I was able to take my home phone number to that phone. Before you do that, however, make sure that you dial your voicemail from the same phone. When I tried calling it and let it ring, it rung about 10 times then the person says you have to call back later. Crappy service, customer service agents just read to me from a card, and just keep repeating. You can choose one that offers smartphones, or one that lets you bring your own device if you have access to another smartphone that you can activate.

Updating the roaming capability is done the same way for every Verizon phone.