New commercial vehicles - the first 3 years from the date of delivery or up to 80,000km, whichever comes first.

It includes*: Volkswagen Scheduled Service Plans can only be purchased when buying your new Volkswagen.

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is a modern music player and library organizer Clementine is a multiplatform music player.

It is inspired by Amarok 1.4, focusing on a fast and easy-to-use interface for searching and playing your music.

Sometimes it can be difficult to manage your i Pod in Linux without hacking i Tunes on your Ubuntu machine.

Today we take a look at using the popular music player Amarok to mange your i Pod on Ubuntu.

Plugins for Pidgin (the IM client formerly known as Gaim) that update the status message to show the currently playing track, somehow getting it from your music player.

Found so far, in what I think is no particular order: [Note: Before you install any of these, you should be aware that most of them have been known to crash Pidgin rather frequently, and ask yourself whether it is worth it.Go to Collection in Amarok, Right-click the file you want to transfer to i Pod and click copy to collection and select i Pod. This should get you started with managing your i Pod with Amarok on your Ubuntu machine.Volkswagen, the world’s biggest car maker, was rocked by scandal in September 2015 when it emerged that it had systematically cheated emissions tests for much of the past decade.By servicing your car regularly at a Volkswagen Service Centre, you will extend the life of your car, save money in the long run and also improve your car’s overall performance because servicing is the best form of preventative maintenance.With Volkswagen Genuine Service, peace of mind comes standard.I know it seems cool and several IM clients provide a feature like this, but is it really necessary?