Marble tile is a symbol of luxury, and will bring a touch of classic elegance to your space.

It has distinct veins running through it, and it comes in a variety of colors.

Tips: • Build each layer of coating, coat by coat to acheive an aithentic stone finish. • Circulate warm air around the painted surface to decrease drying time.

updating a fireplace hearth-35

Stoneyard thin veneer consists of natural stone that has been cut thin preserving the outer face which we refer to as "stone veneer".

This stone veneer is all real stone that has been sawn to be light enough (less than 14 lbs per square foot) to install on your fireplace, or other masonry projects, without the need for structural support such as a masonry shelf.

The only disappointment was that I ordered whte but it was more of a light buff, so I had to mix in white paint.

Definitely worth using this if you don't want to replace you existing fire place.

Fireplaces and chimneys have long been created using natural stone.

Now bringing this design element into your home is much easier.

Our products are perfect for your interior or exterior fireplace, chimney, siding or other projects.

For more inspirational photos, please visit our searchable stone gallery to find the exact color and shape for your design.

Whether you are renovating your living room, bedroom, or outdoor space, your fireplace is a great place to start.