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I always like a ham on Christmas Eve, which means that there is cold ham as well as cold turkey for Boxing Day (and general sandwich duty), and this is the way to cook it to make your life easier.

And if the 12-15 hours’ cooking doesn’t suit you, you can cook it for 5 hours in a 180C/gas mark 4 oven instead, before proceeding with the glaze.

Circle is the free, must-have safety app for Londoners.

It’s the easiest way to stay safe and connected to your nearest and dearest in and around the city.

Share the excitement of Wimbledon at our live screenings for Friends in the Keeper’s House.

Free, no booking required for the Belle Shenkman room.Tear off a large piece of foil (big enough to wrap around the ham) and place this over the rack on the roasting tin.Tear off a second large piece of foil and place on top, but in the opposite way to the first, so you have 4 corners of foil ready to wrap your ham in.● Sit the gammon on the foil and then pour the black treacle over it, straight on to the rind, letting it run down both sides.However, the findings could lead to an 'elixir of youth' based solely around the miracle ingredient.Professor Gregorio Valdez, of the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute, believes a 'fountain of youth' pill is getting closer. Gait, balance issues and impaired motor coordination contribute to health problems, accidents, lack of mobility and a lower quality of life.'We work on identifying molecular changes that slow down motor deficits that occur with ageing.I believe we are getting closer to tapping into mechanisms to slow age induced degeneration of neuronal circuits.'Resveratrol has previously been shown to help insects live longer, by mimicking the effects of calorie restriction.