And if I do need to back up these files how do I find them, As I cannot find the saved games anywhere on my laptop? But if you think you'll want to play them later, then don't. However, if you've already been playing it without the expansion and your laptop isn't that good there is a small chance the game could get corrupted while you install the expansion.

If you just leave the games on there and don't uninstall them then you don't need to back them up either. If you don't care about your families you have right now, then backing up is completely unnecessary.

But, she was the person I loved to hate in the game. They are timed and have a series of wants and fears.

Pleasure was an aspiration I never played with until recently. That’s if they use an aspiration reward wrong, they will get this aspiration.

But, many sims don’t want to talk about it, unless the other sim has the same Grilled Cheese Aspiration I really liked Nightlife….

But next week, I will talk about my all time favorite expansion…

I'm currently going through a 'the sims' phase, when I'm finished with this phase I will uninstall everything to do with the sims 2.

So I guess my question is, is it really important that I back up these files or does it not matter so much as I can just re install the orginal sims 2 if I want to. If you don't care if your saved families and towns get deleted, then don't back them up.

Every single want or fear has to do with that gooey sandwich.

they want to eat it all the time, paint it, talk about it.

New items offer a wide variety of activities to participate in Downtown. your Sims will be occupied with something fun no matter what.

There are six different steps needed to be taken in order to create a sim.

Included is a new diagonal shaped swimming pool tool, which can be used to create extensive shapes.