He emailed the court and said it was too hard for him to attend.” But Samantha – who has had to pay out £8,000 just to take the action she has – said she was anxious about when she was going to be paid by Barral.

What are the stories you tell yourself about booze?

About why you drink, when you drink, and what people will think if you don’t? About the role drinking plays in your friendships, your career, your dating life, and in the bedroom?

Our collective myths around drinking are ancient, worn smooth like old money. Alcohol a stimulant, a way to relax, a marker of sophistication, of camaraderie, the key to connection in a crazy world.

Learned from watching our parents drink, our peers at college drink; from how they drink in books and movies, from Cosmos in Sex and The City. But what if some of the stuff what we thought we knew about booze, some of the stories we just , was a lie?

Nicholas Wilkinson, from Pwllheli, appeared at Chester Crown Court last Wednesday to be sentenced for the incident which took place in a park in Lymm in 1999.

Wilkinson was 17 at the time and after he and the victim had drunk alcohol, he took her back to the tent he was living in.When it came up again her life began falling apart.A CREWE woman who has won a sexual harassment claim against her former boss has said she has been unable to get a job after being fired.Prosecuting, Mark Connor said: “In the months after she was very badly affected.She was in her bedroom crying a lot, unable to socialise and very different to the sort of person that she was before.The court heard how the girl woke to discover Wilkinson, 35, performing an oral sex act on her.