Sometimes loneliness is situational – for example, moving to a new place.

The CAHSS is an initiative of the National Farmed Animal Health and Welfare Council (NFAHWC), with broad based collaborative support of industry and governments.

It has been designed to fill the need for strengthened animal health surveillance in Canada, as identified in the NFAHWC's report, "Surveillance in a Time of Transition in Farmed Animal Health". Our Philosophy CAHSS is a network of animal health surveillance networks, with no control from government or any one group.

Never is this more evident than in the conflicts of a narcissistic relationship.

When a narcissist uses the silent treatment with someone, they take it to the extreme.

So it’s no surprise that loneliness is one of the most common triggers for emotional eating. Everybody feels passing loneliness now and then, but that’s not the kind of loneliness that people eat over.

The kind of loneliness that you eat over is the aching kind that feels never-ending, and grows out of another problem that needs solving.

A narcissist may refuse to speak to or even acknowledge someone for great lengths of time- and then demand an apology that is out of proportion to the perceived offense.

By demanding this apology, it supports the narcissist’s inflated view of himself or herself.

It is manifested by one partner who completely ignores the other: going through their typical day as if the other person were invisible or absent, even if they are standing right in front of them or talking to them.

Some have argued that the silent treatment is more abusive than physical harm as it can be more appropriately thought of as a form of torture. It is usually used to express contempt or disapproval.

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