Whether you’re talking with her one-on-one via Skype or listening to a popular podcast episode, Terri offers concrete and science-based recommendations to finding and keeping a long-term relationship.After earning her Ph D in social psychology, Terri Orbuch was curious about how couples make their marriages work.And Bustle reports that other services — including Hinge, Match, and Happn — see huge spikes in signups and activity in the week after New Year's.

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The first week of the year is generally the busiest time for online-dating services.

Plentyof Fish, for example, expects to see a whopping 48% increase in traffic on January 1, according to a press release.

Are you looking for some practical dating advice for men that you can actually use? What follows are 5 tips for dating that are exclusive to men.

These tips come from the collective opinions and experiences of the relationship specialists here at the Couples Counseling Center in Chicago.

Based on a 30-year study of married couples, Terri has drawn some data-driven conclusions about the nature of lasting relationships.

Today, she shares her profound findings with singles and couples through dating coaching, online courses, self-help books, and a radio show called The Love Doctor is IN.Tired of having crappy dates that never turn into anything serious?Sick of watching your buddies get all of the girls why you sit alone, empty handed?To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here.Gone are the days when online dating was thought of as a desperate last-option attempt at finding a potential romantic interest.“Now 45% of those couples are divorced,” she told us, “and I continue to follow the divorced individuals to look at how they adjust, date, and remarry.” She collected data on the successful and unsuccessful marriages to gain insight into what brings couples together and what keeps them apart.