He induced me with he sweet soft whispers.\His words hit my heart so potent.\That when he walked out the door my tears \fell down like a torrent storm.\I find myself clammoring his name in my \dreams.\Always hoping my life isnt how it seems.\That you still wanted me, that you still \felt the same.\But you dont which is such a shame.\I try to get you out of my heart.\But my feelings are the same as the start.\But i guess imma try to get you of my mind.\But untill then baby your still mine.

I need to find out how I can reset my heart back to its default way.

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Give him what he desires make love from sunset til noon.

I need him I pushed him away, it's not what I wanted but what can I say. If only he can feel how much I truly love him maybe he would stay? When every thing felt like magic before it all fell apart.

Vanessa Newman wrote internationally-acclaimed poetry, started a groundbreaking company, and now runs a dating curation studio – and she’s only 22. There was a lack of funding, so [Butchbaby] ended up collapsing in itself, and I was just getting really burnt out. We live in a way now where it’s hustle, hustle, hustle, hustle all the time, and I really bought into that.” After taking a break for the first time in two years, Newman reassessed what she wanted.

How did someone so young become so successful so quickly? As a queer, Catholic black women from the south, she had to be determined if she wanted to change her circumstances. She enrolled in American University, then dropped out because the extracurriculars interested her more than the expensive classes. Butchbaby was gone, but she was still passionate about issues relating to queer people.

I’ve heard it for many, many years and I love it," Trump said.

"Always remember to forget the friends that proved untrue, but never forget to remember those that have stuck by you." The proverb that Trump cited does indeed appear on a few websites that list "St.

Patrick's Day Blessings" and in a few memes dotting Pinterest and Instagram profiles.

But as viewers were quick to point out after Trump's meeting with Kenny aired on MSNBC, a Google search for the proverb quickly leads to a longer poem posted online in January 2013 by a Nigerian Muslim bank manager named Albasheer Adam Alhassan.

Poetry is the art of writing incoherent phrases to suggest mystery and generally confuse people.