The classic example is overfishing: each individual fisherman is tempted to harvest the ocean just a little bit more, and improve his current catch, but if all the fishermen do so then the piscine population plummets and everyone suffers in the long run.

In the case of online dating, the “shared resource” is women users’ attention: if every man “overfishes” then the women’s attention (and patience) runs out, and the women abandon the app altogether.

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Nobody is happy, but nobody can do anything about it. But a new generation of dating apps impose limitations on daters that might liberate them.

The executives at the apps themselves tend to see the problem as one of gender dynamics; their innovations are intended to tackle the unhappy experiences that too many women report.

I didn't mind him hunting, it just got hard when he would use all his vacation for hunting and never take the family on real vacations. The meat in the freezer was a life saver when he harvested but a bank braker when he didn't. And there is scouting, baiting, practice, and traveling required to be prepared to hunt. He could be out getting hammered at a strip club with his friends. My ex BF enjoyed deer hunting, he used a rifle and also bow & arrow. I spent my share of time in duck blinds, antelope blinds, trees stands, etc., etc., etc. My strong, courageous and compassionate parents have taught me the immaculate beauty in living creatures...

It's an all year long ordeal if you are with someone who is obsessed. You could always ask him if you can join him to see what its like. I told him that I have no desire to hunt or clean the "kill". If I'm dating a guy that likes to hunt during hunting season, I see it no different than a guy who is hooked on football/basketball/baseball. I'm not into sports, some is fine, but he can do it with his friends. Finally, I was paroled, free to leave and happy to do so. He still has no concept of married life and is still needing to kill things to feel worthwhile. but I am too big of a wildlife freak to be able to stomach it. If they did, you bet it would have to be a rare thing that I expect them to lie about! Whilst, a part of my sentimental romancing inner person admires the whole aspect of the Hunter...

It was amazing to watch both his skill and his deep respect for life.

Those of you who have only bought their food in a store have less respect for those animals who sacrifice their life to give you life.

Take the time to think about the to find the best sites to put your new approach to work. Our genes tell us that once we have a target in front of us to go after it like our life depended on it.

If we fail in our hunt than we will die and our genetic line will not continue.

And I may get alot of comments on this, but I enjoyed it. I'm fattening up the squirrels for winter to put in the pot and love venison. I can tell you that some of us really do I was raised in Northern BC, and was raised fishing with my grandfather and uncle.

These were really great times for me, good memories and wonderful tastes and excitment as you caught either a really big salmon or had the thrill of actually playing a rainbow trout into the canoe without it spitting the hook back at you Later on in life, I married a man who was both a hunter and a fisherman.

I found myself constantly checking my phone to see if “she” had messaged me back.