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Southeastern Kazakhstan and the north of Kyrgyzstan are not a part of the native range: the large Balkhash Desert is situated between this mountainous region and the nearest part of the native range (Altai mountains). 1950; Komai 1956; Sharova 1962; Savojskaja 1963; Chapin 1965; Bielawski 1965; Beresneva 1967; Bielawski 1968; Filatova 1970; Bielawski 1975; Merkl 1984; Kholin 1990; Vorontsov and Blekhman 2001; Zhao et al. The programs Arc View GIS 3.2a and DIVA-GIS 7.5 were used for mapping. 1a) and in 2009 in Surgut (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug) (Fig. We have seen one specimen with the label "Yakutsk Maak 1854-1859" in ZIN. circumvelata is regarded as a valid species (Poorani 2002). axyridis is not recorded for Nepal in the catalogue of Palaearctic beetles (Kovář 2007). axyridis from northern India (Sikkim, Darjeeling District) (Kovář 2007) is questionable. It is likely that the records relate to the congener H. axyridis in Taiwan (Poorani 2002; Kovář 2007; EPPO 2014), but Sasaji (1982) states that H. axyridis was released in Uzbekistan, in the Tashkent region in 1951-1952, but it failed to establish there (Voronin 1968). The large Balkhash Desert is south of the most western part of the native range. The vector of invasion is unknown, but it is hypothesized that the beetles spread along the Turkestan-Siberian Railway, which was constructed in 1931 (Small Soviet Encyclopedia 1959). Third, northern Vietnam and eastern Kazakhstan should be added to the map of the native range. axyridis in Mongolia has been mapped for the first time. Bio Control 56(4):623-641 Chapin EA (1965) Coccinellidae. Leningrad: Nauka, pp 1-10 (In Russian) Dobzhansky T (1933) Geographical variation in lady-beetles.

Harmonia axyridis occurs in the south-east of West Siberia, the south of East Siberia, the south of Russian Far East, the east of Kazakhstan, the north of Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, China, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, and the north of Vietnam. We mapped 260 localities indicated in labels of examined specimens, 157 other localities indicated in the literature (Münster 1923; Dobzhansky 1924; Tan 1946; Komai et al. The most western localities of the species in Asia are in the plain of West Siberia, although H. We know of only two findings in that region: in the beginning of the 20th century in Tyukalinsk District (Omsk Region) (Fig. axyridis is a common species in the upper part of the Ob basin, in the mountains in the south-east of West Siberia, in the south of East Siberia and in the Russian Far East. Therefore this record is doubtful and needs confirmation. axyridis was recorded from Yakutia in the middle of the 19th century by Motschulsky (Dobzhansky 1926). Similarly, several sources indicate the presence of H. In the collection of ZIN there are hundreds of specimens collected there in the 19th century and first half of the 20th century. Second, according to genetic studies, the beetles from the vicinity of Almaty are related to West-Siberian populations and significantly differ from populations of Primorsky Territory (Lombaert et al. It is very unlikely that the beetles could disperse through the desert by themselves and it appears that the dispersal must have been human-assisted. The railway passes through the Balkhash Desert from the Altai mountains to Almaty and across the floodplains of the Ayaguz and Aksu rivers. axyridis in these regions are situated along this railway in strict chronological sequence from north to the south. axyridis in western China is in Xinjiang, very close to the China-Kazakhstan border and relatively close to the railway, which crosses the Turkestan-Siberian Railway (Poutsma et al. Second, Nepal and the Ryukyu Islands should not be regarded as parts of the native range, since the records from these regions are likely to refer to another species. Russ J Genet 44(11):1351-1354 Brown PMJ, Thomas C, Lombaert E, Jeffries DL, Estoup A, Lawson Handley LJ (2011) The global spread of Harmonia axyridis: distribution, dispersal and routes of invasion. In Materials of Commission for the Study of the Yakut ASSR 3.

Available from: (accessed 16 April 2016)Döberl, M.

(2015) voucher BIOUG02988-H04 cytochrome oxidase subunit 1 (COI) gene, partial cds; mitochondrial. Available from: https://int/reporting/article-2788 (accessed 16 April 2016)EPPO (2015) EPPO Plant Quarantine Data Retrieval System.

2011; Orlova-Bienkowskaja 2013; Ukrainsky and Orlova-Bienkowskaja 2014), and the Caucasus (Ukrainsky and Shapovalov 2010; Ukrainsky 2013; Belyakova and Reznik 2013; Orlova-Bienkowskaja 2014). axyridis in Asia, made a detailed map of the native range and reconstructed the history of invasion of the species into southeastern Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Uchenyje zapiski Tomskogo gosugarstvennogo universiteta imeni V. Kujbysheva (biology and pedology) -66 (In Russian) Bidinger K, Lötters S, Rödder D, Veith M (2012) Species distribution models for the alien invasive Asian Harlequin ladybird (Harmonia axyridis). Bio Control 53(1):235-252 Kholin SK (1990) Stability of the genetical polymorphism in colour of Harmonia axyridis Pall. Genetics 9-601 Korotyaev BA (2013) On high abundance of the harlequin lady beetle Harmonia axyridis (Pall.) (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) in the plains of the northwestern Caucasus, Russia. In: Löbl I, Smetana A (ed) Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera. Elateroidea, Derodontoidea, Bostrichoidea, Lymexyloidea, Cleroidea, Cucujoidea. Stenstrup: Apollo Books, pp 568-631 Krivets SA, Korovinskaya EN (2009) The ecology of Pineus cembrae Chol.

Recently it was recorded in Moldova (Iazloveţchii and Sumencova 2013), European Russia (Zakharov et al. The study was supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research. Eur J Entomol 110(4):699-702 Beresneva RF (1967) Materials to fauna of Coccinellidae of Tomsk Oblast. Chin Bull Entomol 3, 029 Hoàng ĐN (2007) Động vât chí Việt Nam [= Fauna of Vietnam], Vol. Zoologicheskij sbornik instituta zoologii AN Armyanskoj SSR, Erevan -161 (In Russian) Iazloveţchii I, Sumencova V (2013) New invasive species in the Republic of Moldova: Multicolored Asian Ladybird Harmonia axyris Pallas (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae). Actual problems of protection and sustainable use of the animal world diversity (Chisinau, 10-). Chisinau: Academy of Sciences of Moldova, pp 136-137 Kenis M, Roy HE, Zindel R, Majerus ME (2008) Current and potential management strategies against Harmonia axyridis. 155-188 Komai , Chino H, Hosino Y (1950) Contribution to the evolutionary genetics of the lady-beetle, Harmonia axyridis. Geographic and temporal variations in the elytral pattern types and in the frequency of elytral ridge. Junk, pp 225-659 Kovář I (2007) Family Coccinellidae Latreille, 1807.

L., Brown, H., Dobbie, I., Ivanova, N., Naik, S., Labbe, R., Levesque-beaudin, V., Pawlowski, A., Ratnasingham, S.

(1994) Bemerkenswerte Alticinenfunde aus Westeuropa.

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