“Jackie had more men per square inch than any woman I have ever known.” – Letitia Baldrige Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Marilyn Monroe were two of the most famous women of the 20th Century, and even today, their celebrity and glamour is so absolute that they are still known by their first names, ‘Jackie’ and ‘Marilyn.’ Marilyn and Jackie were World Class when it came to interpersonal relationships.

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Love Lesson Learned: Don’t waste your time with a jealous partner 3.

A “meeting of the minds” matters: Marilyn’s third husband, Arthur Miller, was a brilliant playwright who dazzled her with his sharp mind.

From her three marriages and countless affairs, which included multiple Kennedy brothers, a celebrated novelist, and a baseball legend, to her iconic white dress moment, Marilyn was a true legend at winning over the opposite sex.

Even 50 years after her death, she’s still making headlines – from Kim Kardashian’s recent “Marilyn Moment” to the latest buzz about Mariah Carey playing Marilyn’s famous character in a remake of that into you, perhaps there are a few things we can learn from the self-assured, ultra-femme fatale.

From dressing for a date to the power of Chanel number 5, here are 15 ways to channel your inner sex symbol and date like Marilyn Monroe. No one is looking for perfection, so give yourself a break, and just come as you are. So stop checking your phone, because if he wanted to see you, he’d call. In other words, never go out with a “great guy” who doesn’t respect you. Make sure you dress for comfort on a date so you can focus on getting to know a great guy, and not on your painful shoes or too-tight skirt. But if you want to be dating, there are no excuses for not getting out there to meet someone. Friendship is one of the most important elements for a deep, lasting relationship.

And if that means wearing a ballerina dress that’s two sizes too small, so be it! Put on a great pair of heels for your next date and celebrate the woman you are. Too often, we rush straight from work and skip the whole “getting ready” part. Our sense of smell is the fastest trigger of memories and emotion, so every time he smells your perfume, he’ll be reminded of you. Marilyn wasn’t super skinny, and she had no problem getting a date. And finally: For more, browse Marilyn Monroe’s iconic looks and shop her closet here. Marilyn filed for divorce shortly thereafter, citing mental cruelty.She stated before a judge that Joe was “cold and indifferent” to her and that days would go by when he wouldn’t speak to her.I always found Bardot beautiful:)"From all I've heard and seen from women, there is a variance in clothing sizes from brand to brand.I know from an acquaintance, who at one time was in the vintage clothing biz, that modern sizes are larger than vintage ones.The marriage was not a good fit from the beginning–he didn’t approve of her modeling career, and he spent much of the marriage in the Pacific during World War II. While they remained friends until the end of their lives, his jealousy of her fame and acting career contributed largely to the dissolution of their marriage.