"I think there was definitely a moment where we could have done it," she told Bethenny Frankel on the real housewife's daytime talk show Thursday.

"And then there were family things and we were like, 'No.

, which will feature herself, boyfriend Undergaro, and her parents, who they live with. Menounos’ parents want them to get married, but Menounos doesn’t want to be traditional. She also revealed that she has endured other medical examinations during which the doctors, including a male gynecologist, complimented her belly button piercing before touching it.

during season 14, apparently Undergaro became jealous. Now, Menounos makes sure to bring her boyfriend into the examination room with her, especially if she’s getting a gynecological exam.

I’ll try to be fair to both sides, and as gentle as possible. Okay guys, when it comes to your relationships, support your partners, girlfriends, and wives in their lives, dreams, and careers as strongly as you would support your best friend.

And speaking of that, if your girlfriend or wife isn’t your best friend, then she shouldn’t be your romantic partner, either.

She said no, explaining, “At the end of the day, Keven and I are partners in life.” But, when they first began dating, Maria said her dad “was a little upset” since Keven “wasn’t Greek.” It didn’t take long for Maria’s parents—who were in another room during the interview—to embrace the love of her life.

Menounos, 34, was on-hand to co-host the morning talk show with Michael Strahan (Menounos is subbing for Kelly Ripa, who is currently on vacation), and when talk turned to the questionable diamond-encrusted ring on her left hand, she was quick to dismiss rumors of a secret engagement.

"The timing didn't quite work out in the beginning when we really kind of felt it," she said. And we kind of realized, 'Well, do we really need to get married? "And that's still kind of a question in my mind: Are you supposed to get married? It doesn't look like it works out that well a lot unfortunately, so it scares me." Part of the reason why Menounos might have been reluctant to wed in the past was because of her family's background.

"My Dad was very upset at first that he wasn't Greek," Menounos explained.

PHOTOS: Hottest celebrity bikini bodies The bubbly TV personality explained that the rings she's been spotted with are simply stackable rings that she "switches out" from time to time, though all the speculation has made her wonder why she doesn't have a more permanent bauble on her ring finger.

"It'll be 15 years next month," she said of her relationship with Undergaro, a producer who often opts to stay out of the spotlight. Maybe when it's time to grow up and have kids…" PHOTOS: Best celebrity engagement rings The pair will begin filming an Oxygen network reality show about their life starting next month, and Menounos acknowledges that the unusual nature of their relationship will be a central theme of the show.

Keven Undergaro is the longtime boyfriend of Maria Menounous. contestant said her phobia of doctors began when she visited a physician to treat a throat issue.