There are many forms of induction but all have the same goal, says Dr. Cheryl has an antibody in her blood that could harm her baby, so the induction is a precautionary measure to help avoid any problems.

There are a number of methods available to medically induce or ripen the cervix to get your labor moving.

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Narrator: Sometimes your body needs a little jumpstart to kick into labor. Contractions hopefully will cause cervical dilatation. As the cervix dilates, the labor progresses and ultimately the baby's delivered vaginally.

Today, Cheryl – 39 weeks pregnant – has arrived for her scheduled induction at Abington Memorial Hospital, in Abington, Pennsylvania. Narrator: Your doctor or midwife may choose to induce your labor for a number of reasons: You are a week or more past your due date, and you show no or slow signs of cervical dilation and labor. Or you or your baby face medical issues that pose a health threat, which is the case for Cheryl.

If your labor needs to be induced, you may be treated with one or more of the following in the hospital: A foley catheter.

Your practitioner may insert a tube with a very small, uninflated balloon at the tip into the opening of your cervix, demonstrated here with this curled-up hand.

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