Lampanelli once again delivers in Tough Love, which is complete with her signature one-two punch liners and mean-spirited insults.

Even her husband isn't immune from Lampanelli's wrath, as she affectionately refers to him as "Jimmy Big Balls." Tough Love wraps-up with Lampanelli's first ever "The Roast of the Worthless Americans," an appropriate kick-you-where-it-hurts roast at pop culture's favorite love-to-hate celebrities which include Kate Gosselin, Paris Hilton, the cast of Jersey Show and many more.

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She has also said, 'The doctor who did my procedure explained that obesity risks are much greater than the risks for this surgery.

lost a whopping 107 pounds in 2012 after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery, and three years later, Lampanelli has kept it all off.

I have to say Toughlove is truly her second funniest DVD release today behind back to the drawing board , then take it like a man , long live the queen , dirty girl end the queen of mean ( the queen of mean is her rarest and first official DVD and VHS release around 2002ish, quality of the video is not that great but the jokes are very hard-core end give you an insight to how she started out to where she is now.

Which any diehard Lisa been should definitely look it up and buy it since it's still released on DVD and very cheap on VHS)and for a shock comic like her, that's career death, she's married and happy so what does she have to complain about?


YOU ALWAYS KNOW WHEN THEY'RE READY FOR SEX, 'CAUSE NAKED HE LOOKED LIKE ONE OF THEM BUTTERBALL TURKEYS WITH THE LITTLE POP UP TIMER. The comedian is filing for divorce today in New York from her husband of nearly four years, Jimmy "Big Balls" Cannizzaro.Lisa Lampanelli is "Comedy's Lovable Queen Of Mean." With her bawdy personality and all out honesty, Lisa has skewered the likes of Chevy Chase, Jeff Foxworthy, and Pamela Anderson on the ...She also has been revealing her trimmer shape at several events, like the opening of a Broadway play in April and, more recently, at Billy Crystal's show in November where her pins looked incredibly thin.'For 32 years - from 18 to 50 - I tried everything on the planet, and once I had a clean slate with that I said, "You know what? I'm going to treat this like the addiction that it is.I'm going to get this surgery and use it as a tool,"' she said."I have no personal life." PHOTOS: Shocking star slimdowns Instead, Lampanelli has chosen to focus on herself and get her emotions in check.