A feasibility study for the project, which could challenge Mumbai and its Bollywood studios, will be completed shortly, paving the way for a billion (£2 billion) investment by Universal Studios.“It will be as if the entirety of the huge Universal Studios and themepark Hollywood is fully replicated — with a cruise ship terminal added — somewhere in the greater Istanbul metropolitan area,” said a Hollywood executive who asked to remain anonymous.

One million people live within three hours of Istanbul, he added.

Still, things are tough in Zonguldak, a small city on the Black Sea; the political regime is oppressive, and jobs are scarce.

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In a depressed WWII-era economy, the characters here complain they have little food or money, yet that (or even TB) scarcely seems to hobble their ability to live life as if on perpetual holiday they romp, they gambol, they stroll and lounge, always looking terrific in their period threads.

We meet Muzaffer (Kivanc Tatlitug) and Rustu (Mert Firat) in pre-Pearl Harbor 1941, with the war still confined to Europe.

Also I am impressed how the past is successful shot. I ask these questions because this story could end easily if the main character Kuzey knew what he really wanted..

The past is shot much better than with other series, you almost think that Kivanc is really a teenager when they were shot. However, I won't go into more detail not give away any spoilers for readers..

The result, which was Turkey’s Oscar submission last year, may be too commercial in feel for markets where foreign-language films are strictly arthouse fare, but it should repeat its home-turf success in other Arab and expat territories, with somewhat wider home-format sales likely.

This long-gestating project for writer-helmer-thesp Yilmaz Erdogan (“Vizontele”), a poet himself, has singlehandedly “made” the reputations of its protagonists nearly 70 years after their deaths (collections of their hitherto obscure work hit the bestseller charts after the film was released in Egypt last year).

It’s hard to judge the poetry’s value in the brief excerpts recited here.