Since the Disney Channel hottie isn't too keen on asking girls on dates, we decided to play match maker and speak up on Ross's behalf.

Laurum (Laur/a and Cal/um) is the real-life relationship pairing of Laura Marano and Calum Worthy. Calum compliments Laura nicely and they spend quite a lot of time together.

The two seem to be the most frequent pair of cast mates that get interviewed together.

She started acting in plays at the age of five, and played small roles in Ghost Whisperer and Medical Investigation.

Prior to her Disney career, she starred in the film The Jacket with Adrien Brody.

magazine, you may have noticed an exclusive story about Ross Lynch's dating life.

Yes that's right ladies, Ross has never asked out a girl before!

For the in-show pairing between Ally Dawson and Dez, see Delly.

Laura and Calum seem to be good friends, since the entire cast of Austin & Ally is very close.

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