Others included in Top 50 Drama Games Unpacked in this section are 3 Split Characters, which involves a fun and handy resource to make and use over and over again.

Custard which is a long time favourite in my classes.

These games require participants to listen and collaborate with their partner to make the best scene possible.

One player acts as host and calls out the audience suggestions. Players line up, and the audience provides nouns, people, occupations, etc.

When a suggestion is called players need to complete the sentence with the suggestion and offer a punch line in the following format. "Back in my day, we didn't have Facebook, we only poked the Pillsbury Dough Boy! Two players start one on either side of a chair placed in the middle of the stage. The host then sits in the chair and asks that question to the player on the right somehow based on that suggestion. One player acts as host and calls out the audience suggestions.

Collect, for example 20 articles and then download them as a single PDF and print.

The collections can be stored and modified, or printed at a later time.

Tap the back of the thigh to get them to walk with that leg.

This is a free form game meant to follow an audience interview.

Also included are Superheroes and One Line Character.

THE BUS STOP BASIC DESCRIPTION Have a bench or a row of chairs on stage to create a bus stop.

The reply to that line must start with a `S`, and so on, until the whole alphabet has been covered. Players that hesitate, use the wrong letter, uses random words or does not move along the scene are replaced by another player. This goes back and forth until one of the two players cannot come up with a response and yells "Because I said so!