Movies are arguably the most universal pastime enjoyed by people all over the world.

From action flicks to sentimental dramas, films provide an escape from reality as well as a chance for people to immerse themselves in storytelling, the oldest form of entertainment known to mankind.

Indeed, militant and politically powerful groups are calling for national referendums and constitutional amendments, in an effort to reverse the court’s ruling.

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Although Brown, like last week’s Taiwan case, generated a major backlash from many conservative groups, it proved a major step toward social progress.

Yet implementing Brown proved to be a challenge, as will be the task confronting Taiwan’s political leaders in interpreting and applying the decision on same-sex marriage to reach a legislative consensus.

Following the revival of Taiwanese cinema at the hands of Wei Te-Sheng (魏德聖), films produced since 2009 have slowly but steadily become the international image of Taiwanese films. Directed by Umin Boya (馬志翔), “Kano” was made as a historical biopic about the 1928 Japan-Formosa baseball team of the same name.

Unlike most Taiwanese films which aim to secure the box office by targeting a selected demographic, “KANO” achieved its current status as an international worthy film by breaking away from its local limitations using actual historical events.

For a small country like Taiwan, whose limited resources have restricted its opportunities to produce big-budget action blockbusters, film productions have been resourceful and prolific.

The country has slowly built up a forte in films that are driven by emotional plotlines and profound characters.

Domestically, it will spur the executive and legislative branches to break the political stalemate over the legislative action necessary to amend the code, so as to conform to the constitution’s guarantee of social equality for all.

They must now fulfil this constitutional responsibility within two years.

Opponents of gay rights took to the social media platform ­Weibo to voice their thoughts, with one user saying the ruling would “mislead children and be detrimental to their mindset.”­Another said same-sex marriage was against “human society’s basic principles.” Homosexuality was officially decriminalised in China in 1997, but only taken off the list of psychiatric disorders four years later.

Cohen says the decision to legalise gay marriage is the latest in progressive top court rulings that highlight Taiwan’s accomplishments in achieving democratic freedoms under the rule of law, and boosts its standing among democratic allies The decision of Taiwan’s constitutional court last week, invalidating a civil code provision prohibiting same-sex marriage, will have profound implications.

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