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Some really weird and wonderful people to be found, just like me!

I've managed to miss only 4 session since the year started, so pretty happy wit... About Me: He takes care of himself both mentally and physically; enjoys the life to the fullest with friends and families' involvement as well as by spending time on his own.

About Guys I Want To Meet: "soft heart", "big brain", "beefy body", and "small-average penis" 0D $.post(" About Me: I'd love to meet someone who is: off the scene, has his priorities set right, an articulate speaker, optimistic, well-groomed and hygienic.

Thanks Dan, for making such an awesome Chat site, I salute you!

Haha Ok With all seriousness Teen chat Put me into a sleeping disorder because i love it so much.

We suggest that you find a meeting and join us on this journey of recovery.

Since attending SMART Recovery meetings I have learnt a range of tools to assist me in managing my drinking.You can talk in the lobby, chat one on one to role play with a single gay guy, and even chat using a microphone.There is nothing quite like living a fantasy in our gay men talk, and we guarantee you will have a fantastic time!I Will stay up on the computer tilll nine in the morning talking to random people then i would sleep all day and get right back on its that amazing.If you want for the days of old gay text chat you are in luck!;) looking for some cam sessions on Skype to have some fun message me ;) $.post(" I like the ones who motivate me to keep going since life is challenging. About Me: Thought it was well time to update this, since I've been putting it off until 'tomorrow' for 12 months.