I didn’t think it could be done, but Bel Ami managed to create a “romantic” moment between Kevin Warhol and Jack Harrer in the midst of their 24-dude, 20th anniversary orgy of epic proportions. We’ve now gotten almost all of the installments of Bel Ami’s six-phase rollout of this tsunami of semen, with the last one (bonus cum shots) being released on the site tonight. It is kind of exhausting not being able to keep track of whose uncut cock is whose, or whose butthole that is, or how many mouths it takes to greedily lick up one load.

And thrusting, humping, jerking, and perfunctory kissing.

Mike is rock hard and ready to continue the lesson, so they head up to Dakota's room where Mike takes him to the school of hard knocks, pounding Dakota's perfect ass from behind before lifting him up and bouncing him on his cock reverse cowboy while standing.

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Spit-roasts, fuck trains, & three-ways too often sound hotter than they prove to be. All in peak condition, Johnny V, Austin Wolf, & Jeremy Spreadums just delivered one of the hottest scenes of the year.

Part 4 is especially spooge-tastic, with what basically amounts to a montage of oral cumshots with a few shots of cumming on butts.

And it all happens with a backdrop of a greenish lagoon that no one should probably swim in.

You get up to seven and eyes go cross-eyed, and anything more than that is just a stunt.

He asks him him if he'd like to and Dakota nods.

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