In our impulse-driven society, that’s a hard thing to find. If anything, they will throw a party and pat their own backs when you announce your love for your fictional boyfriend.Your parents don’t have to worry about you being exposed to social pressure. Some girls don’t enjoy having a guy clinging to them every waking second.I plan to keep this up to date and add more resources and commentary. (This has come up on sexual assault/rape/dv lists before, but I haven’t read it, and reviews/synopsis didn’t indicate why it would appear. by Jennifer Shaw Wolf Goodreads | Amazon | My review 2012. A girl’s boyfriend is killed in a car accident, and she loses her memory of the incidents.

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His journey of redemption is quite interesting, and the entire series deals with issues of consent in important yet understated ways. Young woman’s boyfriend becomes increasingly controlling, jealous, and abusive. A successful young girl dates a troubled boy, and he becomes physically and emotionally abusive.

Secondary character, Froi, who is the titular character of the sequel, attempt to assault the heroine in one important scene. But I Love Him by Amanda Grace Goodreads | Amazon 2011.

(still a work in progress as of 2/14/16) The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chobksy Goodreads | Amazon | My review 1999. (Note: Although I haven’t read it, from my understanding this one is pretty graphic, and though it is considered YA, we shelve it in adult fiction at my library, which is a decision made before I started selecting for YA). Live Through This by Mindi Scott Goodreads | Amazon 2012.

Childhood sexual abuse, dating violence, and rape are all plot points in this touching novel. The story of a popular high school athlete who ends up raping a girl he claims to love. A young woman struggles with years of sexual abuse by a family member. A privileged girl befriends a troubled boy who is caring for his younger sister on his own.

My friends think I’m a bit weird for saying that, and maybe you do too. You don’t have to don 6-inch heels and a face full of makeup to hang out with a fictional boyfriend. No matter what you may be going through, your fictional boyfriend is only a few pages away. He isn’t exactly real, so he can’t pressure you to do things that make you feel uncomfortable.

That’s why I’ve made a list of 8 reasons why my fictional boyfriend is better than your real one. You will truly be accepted the way you are, even if that means that your hair is a bird’s nest, and you’re hanging around the house bra-less in flannel PJ’s. He can take you to a totally different world, far away from all the drama of real life. You don’t feel the need to look a certain way or do certain things just to make him happy. I mean, do you think your parents will seriously tell you not to read?

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In another meeting recently, I was talking to a 69-year-old male client, and after asking him about his work and hobbies, the conversation turned to what characteristics he was looking for in a partner.