They were good to include when the data was updated in the Description.

An html popup is an html formatted representation of the textual information about the feature.

Arc GIS Server map services are a pretty cool thing.

If false, the operation searches for an exact match of the search Text string. Otherwise, it searches for a value that contains the search Text string provided. Here is a complete list of layers for which this service is available.

With an ID and a layer ID (technical name), this service can be used to retrieve an html popup.

Arc GIS Online, instead, brings you to a brand new web map.

This wouldn’t be so bad if you were only referencing data from your online services, but this web map had embedded Map Notes that needed to be preserved.

However, there are some times when you just need the data instead so you can edit/manipulate it for your GIS analysis needs.

If you cannot acquire a shapefile or geodatabase, there is a way to extract the features from a map service.

Someone else is providing GIS data for you to consume in a map or application.

And if they keep it up to date over time, even better.

The map Extent and the image Display parameters are used by the server to calculate the the distance on the map to search based on the tolerance in screen pixels.