Only to realize she’s all alone on the battlefield. To do the gritty work of staying engaged in the marriage.

It is her feeling like she’s fighting for the marriage, begging you to join her. If you don’t listen or if you minimize it or ignore it—She ends up feeling rejected.

Als je op de website tikt, ga je ermee akkoord dat we op en buiten Facebook gebruikmaken van cookies.

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Without even realizing it, your relationship became the collateral damage of a busy and demanding life.

It’s the kind of normal that can happen easily, effortlessly. Because she will feel the cold draft of the relationship before you will.

So you learned to shrink yourself in countless ways, to disappear or somehow deny your true full expression as a…

Details♦◊♦ “If I tell you the real truth about me, you won’t love me.” That single thought has driven me to madness for most of my life.

Even if you happen to be one-of-a-kind, there’s someone very similar to you.

Overall, I feel like I’ve done well in regards to not putting my life on hold until I’ve found someone to live it with me.

It is her feeling like she is sending up flares and you don’t notice as you go about your day.

It is her feeling like her role in your life has become nothing more than functional.

It’s like having a nasty little thought-vampire living in my head with fangs like dagger straws sucking out the oxygen-rich blood that would otherwise fuel clarity in my… Details♦◊♦ Are you fed up with NOT being enthusiastically chosen every day in your intimate relationship?

Details♦◊♦ I’m headed to Ireland on Tuesday for 5 weeks with my lovely woman, Silvy. Since “Choose Her Every Day (or Leave Her)” went viral in 2015, I’ve heard from countless disheartened women (and men) all over the world about their painful experiences with intimate partners who aren’t very enthusiastic about “doing relationship” with them. Details♦◊♦ “I care about your feelings.“ That’s what my girlfriend said to me after a recent uncomfortable conversation. Details♦◊♦ (note: this happens in all relationships, straight or otherwise.

You met her, you fell in love, and you fought to win her love. Marriage and work and children all competed for your attention.