Once you notice these signs, you can make the decision to address your issues before it's too late, or you can turn the tables and end the relationship first, on your terms.1.Your partner starts distancing himself either physically or emotionally.

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They alleged that the Morning Drive Show presenter is widely known for promoting the mealie-meal called Pap.

But as the case is crumbling, the state seems to have adopted an attitude of avoiding Motaung's colleagues as witnesses because they are further destroying the case.

For a little while, it was even more wonderful than your platonic relationship - for you.

Then the hammer dropped and now your best friend wants to return to your platonic relationship.

Chomane spent most of last week at court waiting to take a stand and on Friday but was told to go home.

Yesterday, the prosecutor could not be reached for comment on why Chomane had been dropped.The rivalry seems to stem from the fact that Chomane was the face of an immune-booster product called Pap Mix.Sources alleged that Chomane blew the whistle on Motaung out of jealousy.Both here on and I’ve actually experienced it in my own life too. How were you treated when your ex said it was over, or at the time you ended it? (PS: It’s called a “Second Chance” not a chance.)Sometimes they’re coming back because they can’t bear the thought of you moving on with your life without them. They realise they care about you, or love and want to be with you.It’s almost like they have 6th sense, and decide just then to make contact again, and throw some confusion into your healing process…! They spend hours talking to their family and friends. Quite simply they try to find meaning where often there is none. God forbid you actually have another relationship with someone who is not them. If it’s the last one and you’re considering re-igniting the flame, do proceed with caution.You just started feeling happier, more confident and maybe even starting to fancy someone new?