If you must go to talk to friends, take your date with you and introduce them in a polite manner. Listen to your date: You want to make sure that you learn more about your date then simply what you see at school.

Do make sure that you are listening as well as speaking.

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Ask your date questions and pay attention to the answers. Don't do all the talking: Don't keep talking about yourself.

You will learn nothing about the other person and you will not discover if your date has any conversation skills. Admit your nervousness: Do admit that you are nervous. If you are talking too much from nervousness, admit it and ask the other person to take over the conversation. Acknowledge the positive: Do compliment your date on their appearance, their choice of location, their great conversation skills, etc. Tell the person that you are having a good time and enjoy their company. Don't neglect your grooming: Don't forget to make a good first impression. Don't be rushed into sex: Do not mistake sex with love.

This section will guide you all the way from your first meeting to a long-term relationship, and will show you the pitfalls to avoid along the way.

And since this is a social skills guide after all, I'll also address the social skills of dating. Healthy Relationships Defined What is a healthy relationship, and why is it important?

Chances are, he is just as nervous as you are, and so he may say or do some really stupid things. Look at him when you talk, listen to what he says, make him feel like he really matters to you. Well, it's not so much that they mean a lot, but THEIR OMISSION means a hell of a lot, and in a bad way. Unpunctuality is a fault with *no* redeeming features.

All the ideas about making your date feel special still apply. Again, this sounds really silly, but little things like saying thank-you for dinner mean a lot. Read a newspaper or watch a news program that day so you'll have something to talk about and sound as if you know what's happening in the world. If you can begin with the exchange of warm relaxed smiles, you have a lot going for you. Be open -- to him, his plans, and the shape the evening takes. Use every opportunity to be observant, sensitive, perceptive, and appreciative of what your date does or may have done. If something embarrassing happens, "confess" so that you can both laugh over it.

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