When visiting Copenhagen, many visitors make a beeline for this iconic recreation space.

Globalisation is a fact and people are crossing borders. Important notice regarding the models on this site: Please note that is NOT a dating site. Do not copy the images, post them to other sites or try to use them for scams on net.

There seem to be a prejudice among some people that a black girl is "available" when she is posing for pictures. Most of the models featured here are married and they did not have their pictures taken because they are looking for a boyfriend. The aim of the photos on this site is to promote a general concept of African/black beauty -not to disgrace or disrespect people of any race or gender.

Be sure to visit Christiansborg Palace and enjoy a lunch or a cold beer in Nyhavn.

Below you will find a guide to the 30 most visited places in Copenhagen and the capital region. Then head out to freetown Christiania in the district of Christianshavn.

Introduction and links to teh photos of African girls and models on this website On this website a desire to take photos has merged with love for Africa and an occasional wish to portray black African beauty.

Below you will find an index of some fashion and model photos.Denmark's many charms have become apparent to a global audience, particularly in recent years.Scandinavia's "European" wing boasts glorious beaches, beautiful fairy-tale castles, lush forests, a temperate climate, friendly citizens, and a joie de vivre that's infectious.Please note that the word "black" is in no way meant as an insult -and it isn't only meant to describe a colour of skin (which is obviously brown! In 'black girls' and African women I see hard work, motherhood, pride, grace, power and strength combined with charm, wit, intelligence and charisma.This is what I hope to communicate through some of these images.Many Africans are now living in my country (Denmark) and in the rest of Europe, but their faces are still a relative rare sight in advertising, on magazine covers and other media.