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This gallery took a lot longer to put together than expected. D is a novel series, and each book is packed with great character illustrations. Sailor Moon - Everything you'd ever want or need to know!

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Overall, there are four types of dating sims: bishoujo games (pursuing girls from a male perspective), otome games (pursuing guys from a female perspective), GL games (girls pursuing girls), and lastly BL games (guys pursuing guys).

MYSTIC MESSENGER, for example, is an otome game with one GL route.

dating sim, logo, characters copyright This game is so fun!

At the end where you can choose a partner, I chose all of them to see what would happen. I have 0 programming or art skill so this is really good!

If you're on a computer, your Flash player might be disabled, missing, or out of date. controls:-to start u gotta directly click the "start game" sprite lmao-the green flag resets everything -everything else is pretty self explanatory-dont hit space or click too much or u will Mess Everything Up **EDIT: the "whats ur super hot name? -my beautiful boyfriend mettaton-just kidding lmao thats hetero-also this one donald trump dating sim (there are actually 4 endings,, try to get to the true ending ;-) its 5am rn im gonna die i used so many images lmao Alright if u see ur work here & want it replaced/taken down hmu & ill do it & if i got any wrong just let me know!!!!

" thing caused some problems & i didnt know what to do so i just took the entire thing out bc im a Genius thanks for being here today frends i recommend u fullscreen it ;) featuring:-mettaton-at least THREE endings!! trust me i have 7000000 gfs-my inefficient programming-why is napstablook here??? mettaton/other spritestitle card mettaton: sodmerow on deviantart1st sprite mettaton: deadlysuperstxr on tumblrleg mtt: automatondiva on tumblr2nd mtt: tanakas on tumblrbroken mettaton: nexarkdrawings on deviantartneo mettaton: mettaton-enthusiasts on deviantart3rd mtt: welcome-to-the-show-darling on tumblr4th mtt: marreeps on deviantartnapstablook: melodicespurr on deviantartstargazing mtt: luciteo on tumblrsweater mtt: xxianghua on deviantartpepe mtt: ditzgust on deviantart audioevery time we touch nightcore: https://youtu.be/mb J0a Xxp Tf Manime ost 1: https://youtu.be/Vc Xhm0r Irvojeopardy theme trap remix: https://youtu.be/Jwj Nd S12H38nice legs: https://youtu.be/a Kne YY00f HQdeath by glamour: https://youtu.be/YHL_Bk60F_4attack on titan op: https://youtu.be/8Okp RK2_g Vsexplosion sfx: https://youtu.be/Xj Ot Ggxa X5gsad airhorn music: https://youtu.be/_1q XQRp F08Eclub music nightcore: https://youtu.be/-f0KJ6U1j Lsmy heart will go on recorder cover: https://youtu.be/_err IBSZp1Qnapstablook's fire mixtape: https://youtu.be/Q43KAl Fx2nkbring me to life nightcore: https://youtu.be/w L-2Cu6z SNkdeath by glamour kazoo cover: https://youtu.be/t ZVsg Pomv Wo backgroundstitle page: thanks paintbuckettown 1: https://faevorite.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/rg2.pngchoice bg: https://em-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/profilebg/535150.pngtown 2: nagisahazuki on tumblrheck: https://wrongeverytime.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/jijvexy.pngleg room: naminri-chan on deviantartnightclub: naminri-chan on deviantartmtt's room: peach-mork on deviantart PAPYTON!!!!!!

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Some dating sims might include bisexual elements, but this is rare and typically exclusive to indie games.

With the hundreds of dating sims out there, what makes MYSTIC MESSENGER stand out?

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