But, sometimes, a TV show will get cut well before its loyal fan-base is prepared to say goodbye.

Whether it’s because of ratings, fear of the story line getting stale, or simply the need to make room for some fresh content, it happens.

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The cancellation sparked controversy, with some fans assuming Allen’s personal conservative views, which he claimed Hollywood disapproved of during a ), is a devout Christian father with old-fashioned views and conservative leanings.

While an online petition to boycott ABC has received thousands of digital signatures, it likely won’t be enough to bring this one back. Drawing on Jeong’s experiences as a real-life medical doctor, the series followed the antics of Jeong’s joke-cracking doctor and his Korean-American family, including his more serious therapist wife (Suzy Nakamura), quirky son (Albert Tsai), and rebellious teenage daughter (Krista Marie Yu).

It’s a valid point, but it doesn’t cover that broad of a spectrum.

The Joylessness of Sex on TV discusses shows like “Homeland,” “The Americans,” and “House of Cards,” where sex is used as a ploy for personal gain instead of pleasure.Men especially can be very slow to pick up on apparently obvious signals, such as eye contact and smiling.You may think you’re being obvious, but he just thinks you’re being nice.There are plenty of other shows out there doing sex in innovative and, well, sexy ways. A collection of the shows with the hottest, steamiest, most salacious scenes that won’t inspire any critical analyses in newspapers.Look at “Girls,” where the sex is pure awkwardness, and “Arrested Development,” where the sex is openly comical. Plus: What Your Taste in Music Says About You on a Date Arguably the sexiest show on television.Produced by John Ridley and boasting a stellar cast that included Felicity Huffman, Timothy Hutton, and Regina King, each season followed a different crime story involving topics like race, class, and gender.