In her spare hours, she puts her smouldering looks to use as an actor; recently, she played a sexy maid in a short film. That’s a significant sea in which to miss finding a fish. Especially the attractive ones.”It’s no new revelation that Vancouver is a tough place to meet a mate, or even date.

In other words, if you are a single parent, you’re far from alone – there are thousands in the same boat, many of whom are looking for a committed relationship with a partner who understands their situation.

Whether you're a single dad or a single mom, dating and parenting both make demands on your time.

If you want to meet other Canadian single dads or single moms, dating with Elite Singles right for you. The latest Canadian census revealed something interesting: gone are the days of the nuclear family.

Consider this - one in eight families are parented by single moms, 10% of children live in stepfamilies and lone-parent families account for 14% of Canadian familial households.

Because here’s the thing: people with inflated social status are on the same emotional ground as the rest of us.

They’re afraid of rejection, too (and, perhaps, of coming across as creepy in a time when misogyny is becoming less and less tolerable and more women are outing assailants of sexual assault).Numerous sugar dating websites across the globe, boast millions of active members looking for mutually beneficial arrangements means the trend is on the rise.Wealthy men, the sugar daddies, connect with attractive young women looking to experience a luxurious lifestyle. On a typically nice day, a twentysomething woman was lounging around sifting through profiles on Tinder when, from the sea of faces, emerged OB OBrien.His About Me read: “Can I hit it with my OVO Goose on?” It was too good a find to swipe left, and so a match was made.