You have to be pretty confident to go with tacos for a first date (the messiness factor can be tricky), but once you’ve gotten over this mental hurdle, go straight for Salazar.

Sure, it’s in a part of town that has a made up name (Frogtown), but it’s worth walking through some industrial wasteland to get there.

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See the most-read stories this hour Metro officials say the full Expo Line will handle about 64,000 boardings on an average weekday by 2030.

Currently, the first half of the line — from Culver City to downtown Los Angeles — sees about 30,000 boardings per day.

On top of gripes about train car crowding, the Expo Line has another issue: lateness.

Overall, about 24 percent of of Expo trains were late in June, and during evening rush hour, 35 percent of Expo Line trains were late.

The light-rail line will connect the Pacific Ocean and the employment centers west of the 405 Freeway to L. The extension, primarily built on an abandoned Southern Pacific right-of-way, curves through Palms, Sawtelle and West Los Angeles, a route roughly parallel to the 10 Freeway.

Its terminus, at Fourth Street and Colorado Avenue in Santa Monica, is a block from the Third Street Promenade and a half-mile from the ocean.“It gives folks an opportunity to get out of the soul-sucking gridlock that is endemic in the Westside,” said Mike Bonin, a Metro board member and Los Angeles City Councilman who represents the Westside.

With parking lots reportedly charging as much 0 on game day, it's no wonder that the Expo Line was an extra-attractive option to riders.

In fact, around 10,000 fans per game took advantage of the light rail option.

As I’m sure you can tell, I get a little feisty when I want – no, – a Happy Hour. ) Please note the above list is accurate (to my knowledge) as of May 2016.