We insist on having the exclusive use of a suitable room, usually modern, spacious, with suitable background music and, with a private bar and waiter service.The room must also have a romantic ambience with 20 – 30 tables for two, well spaced out ensuring that your conversations will be totally private.

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For a first date, a place with options to fit your mood is best.

At Electric, you can choose between drinks at the bar, snacks at the fish bar, or a full meal at the restaurant.

You around four minutes to speak to each date, and you need to make that time count.

The key is getting a balance between imparting enough information, and doing so in a way that each date has the time needed to process the information and add their own.

When you are creating your list of questions – or even if you make them up as you go along during your speed dating event – it is useful to remember that this is not a job interview!

You really want to get to know the person you are talking to in a very short amount of time, so wasting questions is not a good idea. Plus, if the same old questions come up at table after table, the person you are speaking to may not remember you that well.

Instead of asking what they like to eat, ask what three items of food they would take to a desert island.

Or who they would invite to a dinner party, and what they would cook (and why).

If this doesn’t happen then your date might not get any idea of who you are at all.

They could come away with the impression that you are a rather fast talking and confused individual, which is not what you want.

My life has been transformed in meeting and marrying Michael.