The company has discovered more than 200 000 different types of cheating programs being used by gamers online.There’s even a cheat-code black market, where downloadable cheats go for roughly US a pop.

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Please remember to completely uninstall any previous versions first.

However, if you're upgrading to a new version of SPM and already have Slim DX installed, there's no need to uninstall/reinstall Slim DX. You may also need to install the latest Microsoft .

NET Framework (required): While I've thoroughly tested this and use it myself, it may contain bugs.

Players will recreate the first six months of furious aerial combat between the might of Imperial Japan and the surprised forces of the United Kingdom and the United States.

includes the important early-war fighters and bomber of the Imperial Japanese Navy and Army, Royal Air Force, United States Navy, United States Army Air Force, and the American Volunteer Group (the famous ).

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If you encounter any problems though, please let me know by posting the issue in the SPM Nexus Site Comments section, and I'll get it fixed asap. Before making *any* changes to your INI files, make backup copies first!