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computer not updating time-41

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This has been going on for about a month, but finally a week ago i was able to get a new battery and replace it.

I have reset the BIOs config to with Optimized Defaults, yet this is still happening. S:- I also checked the 3v voltage in the BIOs it has a Hardware Monitoring page where it shows the voltage.

Before replacing the battery, set the date and time to the correct values in CMOS setup and save and exit the setup.

If, after saving the values, the date and time are reset when turning your computer off and on, set the values again but this time leave your computer on for 2-3 days without turning it off.

Older computers may not have a BIOS that is compatible with any year 2000 dates.

If your computer was manufactured before 1995, we recommended that you contact the manufacturer to determine if the motherboard's BIOS is Y2K compatible.

You can see more details at: You may want to run a That should just set the "Nt5DS" setting in the "Type" parameter of the W32Time configuration, which Kyle says is already set.

Hello, I have been having a weird issue lately, when i shutdown and restart my PC after a delay of maybe 1 or 2 hours.

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