Auditions for were held on July 7 to August 12, 2012 in Memphis, Minneapolis, New York, Dallas and Los Angeles. Christina, Blake and Cee Lo brought in Ron Fair, Scott Hendricks and Jennifer Hudson respectively to help coach in the episode, Top 10 Perform Live.

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The "blind auditions" continue and are held in front of the celebrity panel of coaches, who each hand pick vocalists for their individual teams.

The strongest vocalists from across the country compete to be selected by one of the coaches and fight for a chance to win the title.

Comparing it to her own experience as a child with the Mickey Mouse Club, she added: 'As I say I didn't win one of these shows either, but alongside Britney and Justin we went on to dominate pop music.

Terry - who earlier put on a realistic-sounding American accent as he joked that his Scots voice was all for show - was never really likely to be eliminated, according to his confident coach Blake Shelton.

When first asked how she would feel if Dez was eliminated, Christina said: 'It would be unfortunate, of course. The good ones always get record deals and remain strong.

I will continue to support him, and love him 100 percent, and I'm sure many ladies will out there as well.

Final results aren't in but all it's being reported the LP has shifted merely 75,000 to 80,000 copies; to put that into context, her 2010 flop, Bionic, sold 110,000 copies straight off the bat and One Direction have shifted over 500,000, some suggesting the figure closer to 600,000.

'That would be for me to be myself and stick true to what is right for me," she said.

For this season, teams increased to 16, up from 12 last season.

In addition, during the battle round, opposing coaches have the ability to steal the singer that was sent home by the original coach.

If more than one coach hits their button to recruit the singer in question, it is up to the contestant to decide which coach he or she wants to work with.