Those changes will reflect clear ABC hallmark and brand, entertainment division chief Channing Dungey told reporters during Upfront Week.

Meanwhile NBC has been working to make its singing competition The Voice, more Idol-esque, securing some of its best-known alums, Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson, to coach the coming season.

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Fox isnt taking lying down ABCs order to reboot Foxs longrunning singing competition American Idol, pushing forward with development of Israeli singing format The Final Four.

This franchise, licensed by Armoza Formats eliminates the pesky so-called lousy auditions stage of Idol, unveiling four finalists in the opening episode, as show name suggests, picked by the shows three judges.

Each week, new competitors are introduced who will attempt to dethrone one of the finalists.

Show tagline: We start with the best and only get better.

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The Final Four is a new take on the singing competition genre, bringing all the most loved elements of music shows to the table and serving only the best of them in a way that has never been seen before, Armoza Formats CEO Avi Armoza said back in March when the shiny-floor singing competition format officially was unveiled.