In honor of the premiere of the new CBS dating competition , in which three women simultaneously date the same eligible bachelors to see who they've got the most chemistry with, we've compiled a list of The 15 Most Ridiculous Dating Shows.Trust us, there was no shortage of material from which to choose.And when it comes to matters of the heart, you can be sure that people will always be at their craziest.

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Back in the day, the show was a Saturday night staple but the new series is expected to air on Friday nights on Channel 5 with eight episodes per series.

The programme sees three singletons grilled by a member of the opposite sex in order to find the perfect match without being able to see them.

On numerous occasions I have had hunters who were so confident in their shot that they made ego-driven mistakes afterwards.

As an outfitter, I have several commitments, but I take none more seriously than the one I have towards the animals we hunt.

For generations of rifle hunters, the heart shot represented the epitome of accuracy.

If an outdoorsman were to wait for his quarry to stand broadside, it not only put your animal down, but provided a short intense blood trail with minimal meat loss.Robin (Rebel Wilson, her usual outlandish yet hilarious self) parties hard and has few attachments.Lucy (Alison Brie) is on 10 dating websites hunting for Mr.Right and gets a little too attached too quickly (as in a scrapbook for a 3-week-old relationship).Meg (Leslie Mann) is a career-driven doctor who swears she’s not yearning for a family.A hilarious, heartfelt and relatable rom-com, "How to Be Single" explores the struggles of dating, finding your identity and going after what you want.