Updates data sources directly from edited grid data.

cfgrid not updating-42

I was familiar with cf Grid back in the CF 5/6 days, but have not used it recently. After an exhaustive search for a solution, what I have come up with isn't working as the cell color isn't changing color. I am having a CFGRID that contains multiple columns, the grid exceed the page size due to the amount of columns.

I been looking up on how to add a horizontal scroll bar to the grid so the grid can ...

I’ve added a simple text field as well that will be used for our client side searching. I’m using j Query (included earlier in the script but not shown here) so I can write a quick change handler on the form field.

As a quick aside, is a simple CFM that performs queries against a Blog CFC database. I grab an pointer to the CFGRID object by using Cold Fusion. (And again, I probably should have used keyup instead.

He isn’t talking about searching against the database and showing the results in the grid, but rather, simply searching through the client side data within the grid itself.

I did some digging, and this is what I came up with.

In coldfusion 11 release there is an open bug in which if you try to use any Cold related function in a function that is called by ajax On Load, the grid object will not be available.

A grid will load properly, but when the javascript function is called with Ajax On Load and function tries to reference the grid, you will get that the reference is “undefined”.

For data sources that support table qualifiers, use this field to specify qualifier for table.