It's always exciting when a New Zealand woman-directed feature comes out.

Dustin came up with the idea on a sleepless night, wrote it down and sent it out to the team, who decided to continue with writing and producing the film together. Since Dustin Clare and I decided to self-distribute Sunday two years ago, we have done significant research, consultation and surveying, with a focus on the problems that the industry is currently facing. We have never seen another film released onto five platforms (cinema, online, TV, airline, DVD) on the same day before.

It's had some great reviews, here, here and here (and here, if you can reach beyond beyond the Listener's paywall). Often two, or three, but never five platforms all at once.

The true story of Alexander Pearce, Australia's most notorious convict.

In 1822, Pearce and seven fellow convicts escaped from Macquarie Harbour, a place of ultra banishment and punishment,...

Workouts began at 90 minutes each and progressed up to four hours a day, five days a week.

Each workout session began with what the crew called the “circle of death.” The group formed a circle, then lifted and tossed heavy sandbags and medicine balls to one another.Taylor Sloane is an Instagram-famous "influencer" whose perfectly ...See full summary » In 1986, Marvin stole 21 million in recently discovered pirate gold from the Ogilvy Hotel in the Caribbean Isles, where he works as a butler. See full summary » Aspiring actress Polly is mistaken for her celebrity twin sister at every turn, and decides to use it to her own advantage - free clothes, free booze, casual sex with hilarious and disastrous consequences for them both.Things get worse and worse for Polly, as she gets mistaken for Amy, and passed over for auditions due to being "the other one".Her parents seem oblivious to what she is going through, and it only gets worse when her sister is all over the internet due to dating Jared Leto. So is Rowan Davie as Oliver, the modern-day hookup from hell."The circuits usually lasted 30-40 minutes, and we got maybe two five-to-10-minute breaks over the whole four-hour session," says Clare.