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I apologize ahead of time for possible rambling as there is still so much questioning in my head as I try to express opinions. Jin: I figured we can start oldest and work our way down, starting with the eomma.

Castro Camera was a camera store in the Castro District of San Francisco, California, operated by Harvey Milk from 1972 until his assassination in 1978.

During the 1970s the store became the center of the neighborhood's growing gay community, as well as campaign headquarters for Milk's various campaigns for elected office.

Mc Cray’s past, while never a secret, was not discussed during de Blasio’s successful 2009 campaign for public advocate.

It only became widely known last December when news organizations wrote about her 1979 essay.

Occasionally, as my understanding grew, they jumped out of otherwise-predictable newspaper and magazine articles, and from films and photographs dating back more than ninety years.

Watching the wall of lies begin to crumble was an adventure as exciting for me as the opening of a pharaoh's tomb.

Through the rubble, I glimpsed a never- before-reported affair between Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich (who lied for the rest of their lives, saying that they had never met).

I found a hitherto- untracked husband-cum-consort of Dietrich (who lied about his existence)—and swirling about him, and the girls, I found some long-lied-about Hollywood skullduggery, which ultimately led to the Hollywood Ten trials of suspected Communists halfway through the century. Let's take the Garbo-Dietrich affair, which I explore in Part 2.

That being said, they did not make this easy on me!

The sheer volume of fan service I had to view and analyze was astronomical.

Granted it was a fun form of studying but I did what I could.