Older computers may have USB ports that were never designed to power or charge devices and some won't output enough to work if you have other USB items plugged in at the same time - even though the LED lights up like it is working!Try another port on your computer or we recommend using a proper wallcharger, such as the one for i Phone or Smartphone, as it will charge your camera quickly and efficiently so you can spend more time on the water!Tap the "Settings" icon from your i Phone's home screen.2. Choose "Location Services" from the top of the screen. Look for the "Camera" setting and change it from the "ON" position to the "OFF" position.

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You won't see the location information, also known as a Geotag, in the picture itself, but it is nonetheless embedded in the metadata of the image file.

Other applications can read the location information contained within the metadata and can pinpoint exactly where you took the photo. If you take a picture of an item that you want to sell online and the geotag information that is embedded in the photo gets posted on the site you're selling the item on, you may have inadvertently provided potential thieves with the exact location of the item you are selling.

A: Sometimes we get customers with problems charging their cameras.

This is usually caused by not using a USB port that has enough power output to charge the battery.

The normal game shows players a picture, and they must toss letter tiles in front of the i Pad to spell what they see.

After the update, parents or teachers will be able to upload custom picture clues and answers to an online dashboard and then download those clues and answers into the game.

The memory card from your old smartphone probably isn't going to cut it either.